Anglo Custom Rifle Company was established by Gavin Haywood in 2008 to manufacture specialist weapons for discerning shooters. Gavin has been shooting competitively since childhood and regularly competes at National level although work levels mean he sadly has less time for his passion than he would like.

We take huge pride in what we do and as a family business we cannot afford for our clients not to be happy.

Why we do it?

Every member of staff at Anglo shoots; we all care about shooting and we care about how other people shoot. Many customers feel that they can’t ask for help or feel awkward in doing so. We are here to help; so please ask us, we’re not lawyers so you’ll not get charged for it! We understand that purchasing a firearm is not a simple decision and in asking for it, you’ll get the advice you need to enable you to make the right decisions.

Why do you need one of our rifles?

Many rifles are fine right out of the box but many of those very same rifles (we know the ones!) are capable of shooting far, far better. Imagine the feeling of knowing, not just hoping, the bullet is going to end up exactly where you want it to go every single time you pull the trigger. There are a huge amount of variables (many make an enormous difference to accuracy) in every rifle and while standard is fine for some, we want to show you a rifle that puts a smile on your face every time you use it.

What you’ll get?

Simply put; you’ll receive the rifle you expect and a whole lot more. Whether it’s re-barreling your old rifle or building a top-line competition rifle, we are very confident that we will deliver to you the rifle you need, for the job you need it for and within your budget.

Furthermore: we will guarantee the accuracy of our rifles!

and....we’ll get it to you in a sensible timeframe.